The New Cloud Digital Leader Certification 🔥

😇 I just submitted my session for the new Google Certified Cloud Digital Leader Certification. 👍🔥

Here’s my observations:

– The beta exam is 3 hours
– Expect to see 3-digit # of questions in this beta
– The learning path might misguide many people
– However the exam guide nicely and accurately reflects the exam

My suggestions for people who scheduled the beta:
– Brush on your Solutions Architect skills, because you are expected to know on a junior SA or junior ACE level at the very least.
– Know your Google support options
– Know your cost optimization options
– Follow the exam guide ⚠️

“The Cloud Digital Leader exam is job-role agnostic and does not require hands-on experience with Google Cloud.”

While this quote is true, you definitely should know junior level solutions architecture. Hence, having a couple of professional certifications will definitely make your life a lot easier during the exam.

While this certification might sound like executive level, it has an inherent word in the name:

Cloud “Technical” Digital Leader. Because you’ll want to have some background knowledge on most common use cases and Google Cloud services.

The exam doesn’t reveal a result, so I’ll be waiting my turn to know IF I passed.

Best wishes to everyone taking this exam! 💚